Startup Grind will take place Feb. 21 to 22 in Silicon Valley. A Jacksonville tech company is one of 100 companies out of some tens of thousands of applicants to be selected to participate and compete in Startup Grind, a global conference for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. RealComm Global is the only company attending from Jacksonville, and will have the chance to present its one-minute pitch in front of the world’s top investors and innovators from Feb. 21 to 22.

RealComm has created a customizable platform for translation software for businesses: Companies can use their secure, cloud-based system to have video conferences with real-time translation using voice recognition and subtitles. It recognizes 100 languages and can provide voice translation for 60 of them, it’s also compliant with all finance and healthcare security laws, including HIPAA.

CEO Mary Lee Weir said it’s ideal for use in finance, healthcare, tech support and education and can be customer-facing or be used internally, especially for companies that are international. The more its used, the more its machine-learning can recognize the phrases and terminology of a company, as well as the facial and tonal expressions of those who are using it.

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